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I’ve read online lately and can recommend
(though I may not agree with everything on them. You decide what’s useful) :


Promise Keepers – 

I WILL BUILD a strong marriage and family through love, protection, and biblical values.

“Each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband”         ~ Ephesians 5:33

* Respect is unconditional, just as love is unconditional.
* Women speak the language of “love”. Men speak the language of “respect”. Unless men and women understand that two languages are being spoken, they will talk past each other and not connect.

9 Keys to Avoid Adultery
* Be discreet with affections.  * Consider consequences of sexual sin.  * Repel advances of seductive people.  * Redirect your steps away from temptation.  * Rekindle romance in your marriage.  * Set predetermined boundaries on all relationships with the opposite sex.  * Seek personal inner wholeness.  * Meet each other’s needs.  * Communicate using your wife’s love language.  To learn more, click here>>>


Pinterest –  – articles, helps

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Other Blogs and Articles – 

31 Ways I Blew My Marriage (pdf) – this guy has learned the hard way – twice


Staying Married for Life – Love for the Long Haul – Be Available, Attentive, Aware, Appreciative


Strengthening Your Marriage   [pdf] – What kind of marriage do you have? * *

Conflicted : fighting, nagging, arguing, blaming, and quarrelling
Worn-out : the excitement has died. The relationship has become lifeless, boring, and empty.
Growing :  continue to enjoy (being with) each other and to build their relationship. Solve problems.

Even if you are very unhappy with the kind of marriage relationship you now have, it is likely that you can improve it.

Relax together and take turns telling your partner how you feel in response to the following statements.

  • Some things you do that help me feel loved are:
  • Some things I do to show that I love you are:
  • Some additional things you could do that would help me feel loved are:
  • The qualities that first attracted me to you are:
  • Some of the tender feelings I have that are hard to share are: Some of our strengths as a couple are:
  • Some goals we can set to make our relationship stronger are:


What it takes to get her, it takes to keep her.

May God bless your committed marriage relationship.



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