As A Counsellor …


  • Want an issue or situation changed in your life?
  • Struggling to resolve an issue?
  • Have you become ‘stuck’?
  • Need outside help to move on and grow?
  • Way ahead seems unsure?
  • Fears to overcome?

It is always your choice to come to counselling and you are free to choose your own counsellor.

As a counsellor,

I help you to:

  • explore your thoughts and emotions.
  • gain a greater awareness of yourself, your values, and what motivates you.
  • find realistic ways of reaching your goals.
  • improve your relationships.
  • reduce stress.
  • do things differently.
  • develop a sense of well-being.

I may:

  • see you on your own or with a support person.
  • have my supervisor present during an interview
  • discuss your situation with my supervisor in a way that protects your privacy.
  • tape a session or take notes with your permission. This information will be kept secure and used for supervision and then destroyed.
  • act on your behalf with your permission, or refer you to someone more appropriate.

I am expected to:

  • be trustworthy.
  • respect your confidentiality.
  • listen with respect.
  • have integrity.
  • work under the N.Z.C.C.A. code of ethics.
  • have regular supervision with a trained counsellor.
  • support you in the changes you make.

Mon, Thu, Fri

Trading as Counselling Solutions

91E Kahikatea Drive
Melville, Hamilton 3206
– 021.792.464 –
phone work hours

Mark Whittaker

* Diploma in Counselling [NZQA]
* PGDipSocSSupervision [Massey]
* Member of N.Z. Christian Counsellors Association.
I am married, have two young teenagers.

Sometimes what we think and feel aren’t based on the truth.
I look at how thinking affects behaviour and ways of changing negative or destructive thinking.
I value the significance and sacredness of life, giving hope, and gaining freedom.




  1. Mark, thanks for your talk at Saint David’s tonight – Sunday 14th September 2008. Took me 10 seconds to find you on the Internet. Great to see you using WordPress – a gr8 tool indeed


    Mark McN
    Holy Trinity Anglican Church

  2. I enjoyed browsing on your site…. and I LOVE NZ despite what you have done to the South Africans on occasion (I am a former South African).

    Rod Smith

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