Presenting Issues


Ah! the joys and woes of living in community. We are created for living in relationship with other people. But we have baggage and they have baggage and therein lies the rub. We keep banging into each other – conflict and grief often result!

Dr Phil would say, “It starts with you”. Rick Warren would say, “It starts with God”. I say it can be both.

If you believe that God created you in His image – this makes you a creative being of great worth. Once you realise how much God loves you, then it’s possible to work on the weaknesses within you.


Shame causes us to hide ourselves – and we tend to cover the pain with an addictive behaviour like drinking alcohol, gambling, using drugs and painkillers, sex, self-gratification.

Deal with the pain of shame and build in new behaviours and habits.

Visit Douglas Weiss’ website – – FAQs, e-books, newsletter, blog.
Sexual Recovery – self tests
Porn Addiction –  – shame, porn profits, consequences, women.

Great resources, helpful blog, Christian worldview –


A strong feeling of displeasure aroused by a (perceived or real) wrong.

Anger is not always bad, but you do need to control it – not have the anger controlling you. Undealt with irritations and annoyances can escalate to aggressive rage and fury. Deal with any anger you have EACH day – “before the sun goes down”.

How much do you express anger – and how? Or do you tuck it down inside and repress anger (only to have it explode all over everything at a later time)? How you deal with your anger will affect your physical body with ulcers, pain, and depression.


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Depression can be from the ‘blues’ to psychosis.
Many people live for many years not enjoying life.

Check out the Depression checklist found on
Am I Normal?
Check yourself out with a medical professional. Help is available.

Self Acceptance

How do you view yourself?
Do you believe that you are ‘worth it’?
What do you tell yourself?
Listen to your self-talk. What are you hearing?


All professionals need a mentor or supervisor, especially when dealing with people in the social services sector. I am available to supervise counsellors, social workers, pastors, church workers, medical workers, and other professionals.

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